Sunday, April 13, 2008

The good, the bad, the ugly

Good news: This week I'll be wrapping up a commission, 2 tables for the woman who received the letter I posted a couple of months ago.

Bad news: It took a little longer than I thought, but that's ok.

Good news: Tufts University received a huge amount of money from one of their donors. I love my Alma Mater, and it's great that they have such generous contributors.

Bad news: The new research lab that Tufts has planned will be built in the building that my shop is currently located, so I'll have to find a new shop at some point

Ugly: It's not really clear when this is going to happen, and news has not been forthcoming. People in the building have known for some time now that something was coming along, because the leases that they've been offered have been getting shorter and shorter, without much in the way of explanation. The news about the labs to be built was posted on the Tufts website, and they say they'll have an architect in the next 2 months. But there are people who have already seen drawings for the proposed labs. It's all rumor at this point, and noone really knows anything. My lease runs through next summer, so in theory this won't affect me for a while. But it's still something to have to worry until we all know whether or not Tufts is going to let us stay that long, or if they're planning to buy out our current lease contracts. I'd like to be able to plan the future, but at present I don't have a way to do so. I just know that things will change in the near future.