One of my major complaints about magazines, and things like that, is that there's no real ability to read or use them in a way that's cumulative. Nothing builds, nothing goes anywhere, and everyone is stuck writing to either people who are at their level, or to the lowest common denominator. And there isn't an obvious way to bridge the gap. It's also a big problem for the magazine industry... but you can't link from paper.

This is a selection of the pieces that I think are useful, helpful, or represent some of my better work.


On shop flow and learning

On Learning, Growing, and Making Mistakes.
Organizing Shop and Mind I 
Organizing Shop and Mind II: Storage
Organizing Shop and Mind III: Work Flow
Organizing Shop and Mind IV: Project Planning
What Did I Learn Today?
Shop and Project Hierarchy of Needs 
On toolmaking and design

Tools and Jigs

Evolving a Better Table Saw Crosscut Sled
Biesemeyer Fence Micro-Adjuster 
Kreg Cross-cut Fence Micro-Adjuster
Mitered crosscut sleds
Story Stick/ Bar Gauge

Festool Techniques

Using the Domino with a Pattern Vise II
The Domiplate
Domino and Pattern Vise I, and Jointing long boards with a Track Saw

Bench Vises and work holding

Veritas Twin Screw Vise

Veritas Twin Screw Vise... My modifications and supplemental user's manual   
Quick Sketch of Hard Clamping with the Veritas Twin screw vise 

Emmert Pattern Maker's Vise
Installing the Emmert
The Emmert Vise
Emmert Revisited, Summation of the Process to Date
Finished Installation, and Final Thoughts on Installing an Emmert
Evolving techniques with the Domino

Sjobergs hold down for Elite Bench

Sjobergs Hold Down

Shop Tips

Improvised Honing Jig
Arbor Nut Retrieval Tool
Tying the Knot
Glue Bottle, Crosscut Stop

Recommended Reading

Back-Issues of FWW
A Few of my Favorite non-woodworking, woodworking books.
Ruskin and Imperfection
More Cool Books