Friday, March 8, 2013

Changing Landscape

This blog was originally intended to be a frank exposé on life in and out of the shop, dealing with woodworking, small business, and life in general. And while most of the entries lately have been focused on shop projects, there's been a lot going on outside the shop.

Back in May, I started going to small business classes, and working with a business coach. There have been a lot of small changes in how I view the shop as a result. And the way things are going to be done going forward is going to be a reflection of that. One of the things that will be happening is that I'm going to start putting more emphasis on an actual line of furniture, and not just custom work.

Around the same time, my wife got pregnant with our first child. So, I started looking for work that I could do at home, and started working at the Caning Shoppe in Somerville, MA. It's interesting enough work, it's put me back in touch with the woodworking community in general... And I'll be able to weave seats at home while I'm taking care of my son. For the most part, it's been chair work... But there are a lot of pieces that I've seen in that shop besides chairs. And seeing just how many ways designers have used caned and woven surfaces in their designs, and not just in chairs, has really started the creative wheels turning. So that may be something that is reflected in the furniture I design.

And yes, I have a son! On February 19th, my son Gabriel was born.

Since then, I've been spending a lot of time at home, helping my wife, taking care of both of them, and getting ready to engage with the next steps in both business, and in family. There are a lot of projects that I've left unfinished, and it's time to put the rubber to the road.

So , stay tuned... I think things are about to get interesting.