Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ugh... what a month.

So, here it is about a month later.

The new job is going well. I think I'm learning at a reasonable pace, and the more I hear about the project I'm working on, and the potential for growth in both short and long term, I think I did the right thing. It has the potential to be a really great opportunity career-wise, and I think I'm learning and will continue to learn things that will help my furniture career long-term. Some of that is related to composite use in general. And some of it is related to setting up production processes.

Over the past year or two, I've learned a small amount about how to set up a production shop versus a custom shop, but never really managed to sink my teeth fully into it, because, in essence, I really wanted to play, and be able to build what I want. The new job means that I'll be able to build what I want, and pretty soon. But I think that what I'll want, long-term, is to build up a production system to build chairs, and a few other things. But, so far there's been no time spent in the shop.

Why not? About a month ago I discovered, to my dismay, that my current landlady has no real control over the renovation schedule for her house. Even though we were promised multiple times in April and May that it would be wrapped up over the summer, there's still painting to do, and a chimney to rebuild, and I don't even think the last guy is really finished with the work he has to do, and it's almost September at this point. So, I decided to move out, so that Ariel and I can move into a quieter, more stable home. So I've been careening for the past month through the process of finding a new place that I like, submitting applications, packing up our belongings, and moving what I can into a short term storage locker in advance of the actual moving date. The idea was to minimize the potential for catastrophic aftermath, since I thought we'd have to make the move on 9/1, and Ariel starts year two of nursing school on the day after that.

We still get a steady stream of apologies from the landlady, even now, after we've signed a new lease on a (GREAT!!) new apartment, and even after we've managed to come to a reasonable settlement that will get me out of my lease here.

I'll be moving into the new apartment over the first week or two of September. After that, I imagine the shop will have cooled down enough that I'll be able to work, and be there in time to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the doors opening in Lawrence.

More good news...

6 months ago, I posted about a potential client who had some reclaimed lumber from a family homestead barn. We met, I liked him, he seemed to like me, and it sounded like we had a plan. Then things fell apart. He was busy, I was tied up with the built-in project, and we lost touch. Well, I've heard from him recently, he's still interested. I told him I was really tied up right now, but that I would be able to get going on his project in early September. So, there will be work to do when I get back into the shop. And really, just hearing from him was great... I really liked him, and I was really excited by the project. I still am, so it's great to know that it's still on, albeit with a new timetable.

Stay tuned...