Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just about there...

Thursday afternoon we sanded the other half of the floor. As before, it was very necessary. The machine room floor was a nasty brown color, from who knows what, and any time we had to get down to work on something, we came up nasty. We didn't sand every square inch... Some of the machines were simply too heavy for that to be practical. So, we moved what we could, and sanded the rest.

I was told Thursday night that Chris and Don would finish sanding and put another coat on the floor, and that I didn't really need to waste an hour each way on the train just to come in and lay a coat of finish down.

Tomorrow, I'll go in, and I anticipate that we'll spend our time putting everything back that we moved out of the way. After that, whatever small details remain will get wrapped up, the new band saw will get a blade put on, and I imagine that Chris will get his big jointer sand blasted and re-assembled soon.. There are a few small racks for things that need to be installed, and we're wanting to put up a partition betweent he two lathes. That aside, it's essentially a functional shop now, or it will be once it's all back together again.

Time for me to start working...

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