Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New clamp holders

One of the things I planned to get rid of in this reorganization is a small table that my grandfather made way back when.

Well, let me rephrase... I don't want to get rid of it, I just don't want to use it to hold a pile of crap anymore. Until this past weekend it was used to hold the big parts bin, a tool chest for sockets and wrenches, all of my smaller clamps, and carrying cases for hand held power tools.

Well, the cases are in the shelves of the cabinet now, the parts bin is in the bottom section, and while the tool chest is still looking for a home, the clamps are the last thing to get moved.

Since I took my big wooden tool chest out of the bench, it's become a bit lighter, which isn't really something that's desirable in a workbench, so yesterday I dovetailed a couple of cross-pieces into the frame underneath, and today I'll attach my small clamp racks to those. It'll put the clamps closer to where I need them, so I won't have to walk around things to get to the cart/table that's been holding them. And, it'll add weight to the bench, which is a good thing, too.

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