Thursday, October 15, 2009

The chair is done. Time to build a chair.

So the prototype is done. It sits ok, but it has issues. It's a little prone to tipping over now that the back legs are trimmed to a good length. The seat angle is comfortable, and encourages the sitter to slump comfortably in the chair... only it's not so comfortable to slump in. Originally, the back of the chair was supposed to offer back support, but I mounted it too high, and couldn't find a reasonable way to add spindles or re-mount the back. I'll figure something out at some point, but for now, I've already learned a lot about chair design that's going to go into the next chair, so the mindset right now is that I'm not going to put too much more effort into something that has already consumed so much. There's little to be gained (Aside form a more comfortable chair) from trying to get much more out of this iteration. The next version will be better.

I've pulled out an 8' beam of Ash that was in the racks, and the debate now is, do I buy more lumber for a full wooden seat, or do I buy webbing, and go for an upholstered version?


Anonymous said...

Hi James.
I don't know if you have enough ash left over that a curved piece could be added below the top-back piece by means of a half-lapped dovetail. It might work into the design, and with the rearward thrust placed by sitting in the chair help to strengthen the overall success of the project. In addition, I think the "rasp" shaping would also work on the added piece.

Best regards,
Chuck Allen

James Watriss said...

That's an interesting idea, Chuck.

I've pondered using a leather strap or something, but dovetailing in a piece might work, too. I'm out of poplar, which I used to make this chair. But I may need to run to the lumberyard soon anyway, so I'll look into that while I'm there.

On the other hand, I do have plenty of Ash, which is scheduled for the next iteration of this chair. I think I've figured out how I'm going to break down the board that I have, which is 12/4, 8" wide x 8 feet long. I think I have enough to make it work for an upholstered chair, but I'd need more for a chair with a wooden seat... hence the possible lumberyard trip.

One way or another, I will go back and fix that first chair. But right now, I'm pretty focused on working the kinks out on something that's actually marketable. : )

Thanks for reading!