Friday, November 20, 2009

More chair work

So, last night I felt like a complete fraud.

I had figured out, or so I thought, how I wanted this chair to go together. I ended up having to work through so many hack-shop crazy ideas on how to combine random pieces of wood with a crosscut fence, running it all backwards past the table saw blade... in the end, it all worked out. Chair came together. But I have to say, throwing in odd angles into a chair, and then trying to make them all fit together in three dimensions is a hassle.

I guess maybe I feel like I should look and sound as confident as someone on TV, that everything always goes to plan, and I always know exactly how things are going to go... and I'm not always that confident.

Then again, this is my first attempt at trying to build a chair in this particular way, so I guess it all works out.

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