Thursday, January 27, 2011

A couple of small things...

-Thanks to the :30 log (writing up what I've gotten done, every half hour), I got to sit down the other day and actually calculate how much of my shop time has been going to getting jobs done, versus maintenance, futzing with jigs, slacking off, etc. And I was able to see just how much of my time has been productive. So, the log is bearing fruit. Bitter fruit, but it's a place to start.

-Other small jobs are starting to roll in. More as it happens.

-I recently went through the past couple of years of blog entries, and reworked some of the labels, consolidating similar topics under one heading. I also set up labels as a field on the main page of the blog, so it's easier to navigate in here. 

One of the new labels is "Shop Improvements." This will basically chart the progress of the shop in Lawrence from conception to now, all the little and big things that have been put up or in by KPW. It's an entertaining diversion if nothing else. 

One of the other labels is 'Home Shop.' Now that Ariel is moving past the trauma of last semester, her issues with me doing work at home seem to have waned. (Well, aside from working at 11... but that sounds like a constraint I can live with.) So, with luck, there will be home projects coming up soon that are worth writing about.

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