Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog update: Round Tuits

Looking at the stats for the page, my entries on the Emmert Vise and the Veritas Twin Screw have been pretty solidly popular. But, looking back, those narratives weren't as cohesive as I wanted them to be. I've wanted to put better articles together. I'm finally getting around to it.

Looking up to the top of the Home page you'll find a link to a detailed narrative on installing the Emmert. Eventually I'll turn that into an Emmert page, that has links both to an installation page, and an ongoing section about what I use the thing for, and practical day to day work tips. The more I use the Emmert vise, the more I like it, because it's more flexible than I gave it credit for. And even if the closest you can get to an Emmert is a Chinese knock-off, I've seen those in person, and helped install one, too. They're much better than I thought they'd be.

I'm also going to have a section up there on the Veritas Twin-screw vise. Their installation instructions are top-notch, but I've learned a lot working with that vise, too, and there's more to that vise than I gave it credit for.

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