Monday, April 2, 2012

What Do You Mean, 'Turned Off the Internet?!?'

This post is an aside to all of my commentary about getting off the Internet, among other things.

When I moved in with Ariel in 2008, we agreed that we'd live without a TV. General social uproar ensued. 'You WHAT?!? Oh, you still have the Internet, so you can watch that.' Well, yeah, but it still paid off, because there was a lot more time in the day to do things. We started cooking more, and eating better. We started noticing and clearing out a lot of clutter. And just generally... DOING things.

Two weeks ago, we decided to turn off the Internet service to the house. We still have iPhones, and she has web access at work. And when I need to post a long blog entry, I can log in at Starbucks, which is 5 minutes down the sidewalk. So we're not total Luddites, and we're not shutting ourselves off completely. But with smaller screens, there's good reason to be brief in our email. And the option to log in and zone out, surfing the web in search of nothing in particular, is gone.

Two weeks later? We don't miss it.

So what are we doing with our time? Well, some of it has been spent looking at each other and asking 'Are we REALLY this boring? Let's go do something...' So, married life is getting a lot more exciting and interactive. But what else have I been doing?

That Stuff.

What stuff?

THAT stuff. That stuff I've been meaning to do, that's been collecting, or getting worse, until the day that I 'had time.'

For example, I've been meaning to stitch new soles onto my slippers for over a year now. My pink bunny slippers were grubby and trashed, and looked like they'd been living a most unwholesome life. So I ran them through the wash on Friday, and last night, I sat down to get that done. And now they're finished, and much more comfortable... And attractive... to wear.

One item of many to strike off of the list of 'That Stuff I keep meaning to do.'

And yes, it was also an indulgence in craft, and in making something cool for myself, because the new soles should last for a good, long time. Better than when they were new, and no longer looking like little hobos. Bonus points all around.

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