Thursday, December 13, 2012

Simple Shop Jig of the Day

Just a fancified stick with a ruler on it.

Way back when, I was setting up my crosscut sled, and didn't need the first six inches of stick-on metal tape. There are other jigs where I took a big chunk off the back end of the tape, that works, too.

The point isn't to take a measurement, though. I have a lot of jigs and setups that require little more than a clamped-on block as a reference stop on one end or the other. Inevitably, it needs to be moved by about 'that much,' to complete the operation.

In this case, I'm referencing a notch from the end of the stick on the router table, for some coped window muntins. Too much off the stick, and the part will be too short.

Now I can see, based on the scrap of scale that's glued to the block, just how much I'm actually moving the block when I adjust my reference stop. It made this particular operation much easier, and more accurate than using pencil marks.

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