Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Question for the Photophiles

Most of the photos I take in the shop are done with the iPhone. I've generally been pretty happy with them. But they're only so big, and (I'm told) some of the colors aren't exactly accurate.

So, I brought in an old point and shoot. And I've been having a lot of problems with artifacts due to dust. In some cases, it's just a matter of cleaning the lens. In other cases, I've been told that it should be simple to fix the issue with photoshop. But images like this one make me really doubt that.

So, putting it to the people... is there an easy fix for dust-proofing a camera, besides photoshop? I've taken to dusting the lens every time before I take a photo, but that gets old pretty fast.

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Kevin O'Brien said...

Dust and water-proofing cameras basically comes down to either (a) storing the camera in a sealed case, and only removing it when taking a shot, or (b) purchasing and using a case that you can shoot through. The latter tends to be fairly expensive ($100-$200 for something like the Aquapac, which is what most "serious" amateurs I know use), but it works fairly well at preventing dust from creeping into the camera housing.