Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holding pattern

I'm painfully aware that I've been neglecting the blog.

For those who have been following the narrative over time, there are a few things that have been happened since I delivered the bookcases.

-One of my slab tables has sold. They've been sitting in a store for a while, and one of them finally grew legs. This is very exciting to me, and gave me the front money to put down a deposit on...

-New shop space! I'll be starting to move in September. I'll be joining a shared space in a new, undisclosed location, that is shared by a bunch of other full time woodworkers. I'm a little sad about leaving the old shop, for various reasons, but I think this will be a good move. It's also going to give me the opportunity to shake off the dust and complacency, and divest myself of things that I'm not using, or not using enough, so that I can gracefully adapt to the constraints of the new space.

-New project: While I get ready for the move, I'm also going to be building some clock cases to house a really cool new kind of clock movement, to be shown internationally. So there will be some bent lamination, and some production jigs that need to be built. But the first two cases need to be done in September. Yes, the same month I'll be moving into the new shop. No pressure.

-I'm still working at the caning shoppe part time. I'm doing piecework some of the time, it pays better at this point than an hourly rate.

-I've been working my way through By Hand and Eye. I'm making a point to go through and actually do the exercises, even if they look simple on the surface. And, I'm making a point to ink the drafting work when it's done. Just taking the process that extra step has taught me a lot, and I'll be blogging about that sometime soon.

-My son is almost 5 months old, and every day with him is different. It's pretty cool.

I think that's the bulk of the headlines. I'll try to get some more detailed entries up soon, but in the meantime, I'm off to do some caning, and to try to see if I can put together a caning workshop class...

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