Friday, October 11, 2013

Dawning Clarity

The new space is slowly coming together, and it's finally starting to look like I thought it would. There have been blips, like the stereo debacle... though that's been resolved at least. On Wednesday I got my shelf brackets up, only to realize that my plywood and plywood scraps were all still at the old place. Sigh...

One of the problems with downsizing is that I can only move so much stuff at a time, and there's no room for new stuff until the last batch is put away. So, if there's something (like plywood) that I haven't brought down, and that I need, it's a mental tweak. ("What do you mean there's no plywood scraps? When have I NOT had plywood scraps just lying around?!?") But in the grand scheme, I haven't had any serious issues.

One of the things I'm looking forward to having is an office: It'll give me a place to do admin stuff without being distracted by any of the million things in the shop,  keep a small fridge and coffee maker, a good place to store books that will be safe from dust or varnish splatters, and a place to disconnect for a few minutes at a time, and regroup when I need to. I'm also going to use it for drafting and as a creative/brainstorming space. I went back and forth on whether or not to bring my desk into the space, I'm glad I did. The office is a mess right now, as it's been catching a lot of move-in overflow while the space shakes out. So, aside from the photo above, there's not much to blog about. But it's going to be very cool when it comes together.

Another thing I'm happy about is my new Festool MFT. I opened the box on Monday night. I didn't think I would be, but I've been reading up on the thing a LOT recently, and decided to take the plunge. I say this timidly, but it may just displace the crosscut sled for my table saw. I've spent a lot of time and head scratching on that sled, and I'll probably rebuild it, just on principle. But the more I wrap my head around what looked like a pretty boring work table with a gimmick... well...

I shouldn't be surprised. Festool has consistently impressed me at a very high level for a considerably long time. I'll write the love song later, but this relationship continues to pleasantly surprise me. 

And so on. Putting together a new shop is a lot of work, but it's basically like building a new bench. It's a workspace, and it's all about functionality. I'll talk about layout soon, and some of the principles at work. Right now, I'm tired.


Kevin O'Brien said...

The shop looks amazing, James -- I'd love to come see it sometime, if you'd be willing to host a guest in your space for a bit. Similarly, if you'd like a hand with moving some stuff, I'd be more than willing to trade a few runs with the Ranger for the chance to see the inside of the mill.

JW said...

I have no doubt that you'll see the shop on a recurring basis... you guys are right around the corner.