Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shop Build Update: Outfeed and Dust Collection

After 4 months, I'm finally at what I'd consider full functionality. Out-feed behind the table saw is completed, and there's dust collection for all of it. I'm pretty happy with how the design shook out, too. The bridge between the saw and the MFT is made up of two parts, and both are movable.

Dust collection for the router table fence is available, if the table saw section is moved to one side:

When I use the router table for dados, most of the waste shoots straight out from the back of the cut. Before I built the bridge, it would pour out all over the MFT, and onto the floor, and everything that's set up under the MFT. (shop vac, dust, dust barrel, and circ saw) So I built a small downdraft section in the outfeed table there, which captures most of that waste. Not all, because some will come out at an angle, but I'd say a solid 90% goes down, and into the dust collector.

When I need to use the MFT, the downdraft section lifts out:

I did a litle bit of head scratching about dust collection under the router table. Most of the tables I've seen are mounted on top of a box, and there's a port underneath, somewhere. But I didn't really feel the need to make an entire box. Instead, I bolted this MDF plate in, underneath the table. There's an inch and a half between the underside of the router table and the plate. I cut a hole to clear the lift, and for the dust port. While the vast majority of the air flow actually comes up from under the plate, as opposed to through the surface of the table, that air flow carries a lot of waste along with it.

How well does the plate work? Well, I took this pile of waste that I'd swept up from the floor...

Fired up the dust collector, and pushed the waste into the opening in the table...

And this is what fell through:

Between that, the hose for the fence, and the downdraft section of the outfeed table, I'd say I'm pretty well covered.

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