Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BFFI to the rescue

Accuracy is still an issue. I have a long-term solution, but it hasn't been implemented yet. And, to borrow an unfortunate, albeit accurate quote, "You don't go to war with the army you want. You go with the army you have."

Bombs away...

Apropos, then, that I borrow from that great military tradition of Brute Force and Ignorance. If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer. Above, I'm using a 3 lb hammer and a center punch to make the Kreg miter bar fit my miter slot in an ugly, if workable way.


Gary said...

Is it possible to get something machined up made of good quality metal, James?

JW said...

That's part of the long range plan, Gary.

In fact, it's possible to simply buy lengths of cold-rolled steel, which comes in at .002" under 3/4". That's MUCH better... And more affordable... Than the nonsense I've been fighting with.