Friday, October 17, 2008

End of week 3

So, as things are now, I have one more big truck load of stuff to go up to the new place. I still have a few big power tools to move, and I still have piles of smaller stuff that's on the way out. I figure this Thursday I'll rent another truck, and have another go at it. But this trip will be different from the first one. The first time, everything had casters, or mobile bases. This time, it's mostly boxes, chunks, bits and pieces, and a big stack of lumber.

BUT, I'm still pretty lazy, and I have one big advantage, working out of industrial spaces, that I wouldn't have if I was moving an apartment or a house... loading docks. The joy of these miracles is that I can rent a nice big box truck from Penske, and roll everything right onto the truck.

"But wait," you might say. "You said you didn't have casters on everything."

This is true, I don't. I have pallets, and a pallet jack. And I have to say, there's something fundamentally satisfying about loading up a pallet full of boxes. No, I don't yearn for days of yesteryear, working saturdays at the grocery store, and breaking down the weekly order. It's just that, I know that I won't have to lug any of these boxes anywhere. No lifting, no dragging, no schlepping, no stairs, no 2-man carries, no pizza party, no hassles. Pallet jack lifts the whole pallet up, I wheel the thing down the hall to the elevator, down to the truck we go, and roll it onto the truck. My only regret is that we don't have wider hallways and a second pallet jack so that we could have races. I still have to pack and unpack the boxes, but that's less of a hassle, I think.


All that aside, the place is finally starting to look like a shop, which is nice. There's still a lot of work to be done, but all in due time.

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