Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So much stuff...

So, after loading all this stuff into my shop, and getting the shelving set up, etc... it was decided that we should sand the floor... at least, in the bench room. I have a feeling we'll end up tracking in the grunge from the machine room, but whatever, it'll probably be helpful to have the place looking nice.

Anyway, point of the story, all the stuff you see in the picture is now on the other side of the wall... so we can sand the floor tomorrow. It still boggles my mind that I managed to collect so much stuff over the past year. And I'm pretty concerned that this is simply going to be a bigger fishbowl for me to grow into.

Chris laughed at me last night. I showed up late with my final full pickup truck load of stuff. Among other things, I drove up with 2 barrels full of ductwork for the dust collector. The pipes are mostly 4 feet long, and have an elbow or some other attachment mounted on the end, making them around 5+ feet tall in the barrels. Clearly this was going to be an awkward load, so it took some head scratching. What I finally opted to do wa to set up my little giant step ladder in the back of the truck, and lash it securely. Then I tied the ductwork to the ladder, and lashed everything in place. So the resulting construction was enormous, standing 5+ feet out of the bed of the truck, and looked pretty crazy going down the road. Chris was surprised that I hadn't been pulled over. Honestly, I am too.

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