Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally... I have some shop time. But it's COLD

Thank God the stupid holidays are over. Between a day job, a seasonal job, family obligations, putting in the time after slacking on family obligations while doing seasonal work, and dealing with wedding-related things... I finally am past it all and back into something resembling a regular schedule. Well, past most of it... wedding isn't for another 9 months.

So, this evening I had a planned wedding planning engagement, but it got canceled last minute.

Cool! I can run up to the shop!

I got up there, and I remembered very quickly just how cold it got last year! Holy crap! Last year I was smart enough to leave heavy, warm clothing to work in... and I took it all home over the summer.

I talked to Chris for a while, until he left. I hung out for about an hour after that, and left... it was just too damned cold to get anything done without heavier clothing on. I packed up the relevant notes and books, and headed home.

Last thought for the evening. One of the projects I've been trying to work out for the past several years is to finish writing a book on my experiences at North Bennet, and working in Woodworking retail. I think it's time I made a promise to myself that I'll write for at least an hour a night. The only way to keep up writing skills, after all, is to write.

Sorry to be away for so long. Talk to all of you soon.

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