Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting ready for a reboot.

So, the ideas are slowly emerging from the recesses of my head-cold addled brains... is off the air... for now. Mom did a good job of getting it up and maintaining it for me, and now I'm going to rebuild it from scratch.

This starts, of course, with domain hosting, which I'm trying to research now. Basically, I'm looking for a cheap, safe place to host a simple website, where I get to keep the domain name for myself, and hopefully not have to pay too much money to keep it up. Keeping ownership of the name is obviously a big thing, since it's my name. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions... I'm a total noob when it comes to actually putting up a website.

After that, I'm in the process of restructuring how I do business. I've been working on a new mission statement, and developing a new business plan, and marketing plan. And I'm developing a few ideas for the furniture I want to build. I'd love to do all commissions, all the time. But I think everyone wants that, and they all want to be the ebst and the brightest...

IF I can keep the ship steady, and IF I can make things work, I'll still work on custom work, probably involving reproduction. Very likely, it won't be on a commission basis, it'll be me working on the things I want to work on. I'll probably sell it.. but there are so many ifs involved right now that I really can't think much farther than "I'd really like to do this... I just don't know how yet."

There's a lot in the pipeline... it seems like there's a little more ever day that I have to get to. But I am getting to it.

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