Sunday, April 3, 2011

We now resume our regularly scheduled...

So, I've added more things to the portfolio section over the course of the week, and finally decided that my efforts are better spent on a real website. It's amazing what going public can do to one's mindset. Nothing's actually been published yet, but the domain name has been set up, and it's being hosted.

Shop news... the project I'm currently working on is in the sowing and planting stages, lots of milling going on, but nothing really happening just yet. That said, there will be some interesting stuff to read about when I get going. I bought a custom jig to make the Festool Domino easier to use. I learned a few things about the virtues of using dividers when doing drafting and design work that I have to write up. I recently tuned up an old Pootatuck Lion trimmer, and I have some notes from that which I need to put up. And I still have to wrap up the cutting table project. And so on.

In other news, my wife will be graduating from Nurse Practitioner school in a little over a month. And the check just cleared for me to display at the Furniture and Furnishings show in Providence this October. So once this current job is over, I'm going to huff and puff and blow myself a whirlwind of creative and productive energy.

And despite last Friday's snowstorm, Spring is finally in the air.

I've been waiting anxiously for things to start moving, and it feels like they finally are.

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