Monday, March 28, 2011

Expanding Content

Over a year ago, I allowed my web page to lapse. There were various reasons that I won't get into.

Since then, I've had various people ask me for a website, or to see some of my work, and on a regular basis I have to offer the increasingly lame response that I haven't gotten around to rebuilding it yet. I still haven't. But that doesn't mean I can't show off what I've done.

At the top of the page, there's now a link to my portfolio. This is a page that I'm going to continue working on, until I feel I have a decent representation of the range of my abilities and some of the work I'm proudest of. At some point I may add more pages including things like
-a comprehensive article or two on installing over-wrought vises
-'About me,'
-and last but not least 'Why I still haven't gotten off my ass to rebuild the website.'

Keep checking back... more stuff will be added to the portfolio every few days.

1 comment:

Jonathan Hartford said...


If you'll allow me to suggest something...

I see some really good work there, but I think you can improve the way it is represented with some changes to the way you've photographed the work. I picked up this excellent tutorial via woodnet forums, and it took my work up several levels. Very small to almost nonexistant investment, and you end up with a far more professional looking portfolio.

Neal Addy's "Photographing Your Work"