Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out with the old

The bookcases are out of the shop, and in place in their new home. They look great. I'll probably take more pictures when they're actually full, but for now, that's 'the end.'

Bringing a big project to a close is always hard. There are so many small details to wrap up for everything to be 'just so.' Whoever coined the phrase that projects don't get finished, they escape, nailed the feeling perfectly.

But, it's back to the beginning. I have another project that is about to start, so I've been spending time straightening up and getting ready to begin all over again. All of the remnants of the bookcase project have been basically swept away, and it's a great feeling.

The end of this last project felt like an all-consuming final sprint that just wouldn't end, so it's been nice to have the time to regroup and reboot, and get ready for the next race.  I think I must have spent half an hour yesterday, just watching the Merrimac river flowing by.

The snow is melting, the river's getting higher, and the past few days hit the 60 degree mark. I have a new job in front of me, and I'm feeling a little bit better about life in general. It's going to be a great spring.

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