Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Customer: Rockler Glue Brush

I can't honestly say how much glue I've wiped off of my fingers onto the underside of my bench. But it's a lot.

I've tried acid brushes and popsicle sticks, and other disposable things that inevitably don't get replenished, or at least, not in time for the next glue up.

I picked up this little gem a few weeks ago. The silicone brush clears so easily once the glue dries, if's almost self cleaning. And the paddle makes obvious sense for glue spreading.

I'm not a corporate subsidized anything. I just thought this was worth mentioning.

That said, I haven't used it with hide glue yet, and hot hide glue's on my short list of things to introduce into my work flow. Still, I don't foresee many issues.

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