Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple procedures

It's funny to me how complicated the simplest procedures can be sometimes.

In this case, I had to cut an arch for a detail piece on a built in that I'm installing soon.

First, I had to consult the Internet to remember formulas for chord length. I knew how long the chord length was, I needed to use that to chase back and find the radius of the arch. The radius I came up with was 15' 6".

Then I needed to make a trammel beam that would hook to my bench on one end, and mount to the jigsaw on the other.

Fifteen and a half feet is a long distance for an unsupported beam, so I brought out the trestle rails.

Last but not least was sawhorses, and a box beam to clamp to.

In all, about two hours of setup time. Two minutes later, the cut was done.

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