Thursday, September 20, 2012

More on the cutting table

I pulled out my DW circ saw to demonstrate the point that this table isn't just for Festool junkies. It's for anyone who needs to break down sheet goods cleanly, to reliable, repeatable dimensions, but don't want to use a table saw, either because...

-They don't have room for in feed and out feed in their basement shop.
-This whole setup is cheaper than a table saw.
-Moving a circ saw over a table is easier on the back than moving a full sized sheet of ply, and more controllable.

I've seen methods for making a zero clearance plate for a circ saw. Some involve bolting on a piece of Masonite, or filling the plate with bondo. However you do it, with a zero clearance plate and this table, the veneers on both sides of the sheet will be supported. That means you can cut a finished edge in one pass.

For my next trick, I'll be using a router with this table, to make identical dadoes in multiple pieces...

Cutting table Part I
Cutting table Part II
Cutting table Part III

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