Monday, September 10, 2012

The chair is finished...

Well, it's been finished, I just hadn't had time to post it. The base finished up nicely, and refinishing the rest of it turned out well.

I'm really grateful to have had this project. One of the interesting aspects of cutting the semi- mitered joinery was that there was a LOT of precision involved. In the end, the blanks were out of square just enough after the jointer, planer and table saw, that the sliding table saw wasn't able to cut accurately enough. I needed a hand plane to get the blanks to be just so,

After that, all of the shaping work reminded me of just how skilled I am, and how much I'm able to rely on my hands when the limits of the ability to work accurately with machines is reached. Cool stuff.

There was a very strong element of 'be careful what you wish for,' in this one. I've had a yen for complex curves and complicated methods for a while, and, well...


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robert said...

Nice job. That chair is stunning. Almost make me want to have a job where I could use a chair like that all the time.