Sunday, February 10, 2013

Converting a Skew Rabbet Plane to a Dovetail Plane, Part 5

For the nicker, I had to do some head scratching. Vintage models use a wedge to hold nickers in place, but I didn't feel like fitting a wedge. And, the alignment issue was also on my mind. What I finally decided on was a pair of hex-key set screws. One comes through from the other side of the body of the plane, just at the bit of the nicker. The other is about 3/32" above it, tapped into the metal plate on the side of the plane. The lower screw allows me to align the bit with the side of the plane. The screw through the plate clamps the nicker in place.

The blade required some fine tuning at the wet grinder to get the angle just right, but it sharpened up just fine. After that, I put everything together and made a few test passes.

When I resoled the plane originally, I made a very tight mouth and throat. But because the shavings are cross-grain, they break off pretty easily, and not only is the support of a tight mouth not really needed, but it jams up pretty quickly. So, I opened it up. Because the blade is basically plowing out material, and not leaving a final surface, I'm ok with this. (I'm more worried with keeping the shavings flowing, than how finely they're being cut... this is intended to be a production too, despite the fussiness I've been putting into it.)

After that... well, that's pretty much it. I made a few more test passes with the plane, and it worked like I'd hoped. So, I gave it a good coat of wax, and played around with it for a while. Next week I'll get to put this tool to work.

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