Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stopped Fluting

The bookcase job called for stopped flutes on the pilasters. It's a carved detail... has to be... but 8 pilasters with multiple stopped flutes is a lot, and I was wracking my brain to come up with a viable technique. This is what I came up with.

The flutes I cut on the router table, using a plunge- and stopped-cut. I stopped them before the top of the flute stops.

The stopped part needed a rounded over appearance. I needed a good way to rough this out, and what I finally came up with was to use an ATB blade on the table saw, barely protruding through the table insert, because of the tooth bevel: It allowed me to get in, and basically rough out each side of the stopped part, one side at a time. 

Some of the cuts were stopped cuts, some were plunge cuts... getting the blade inside the already cut flute, and cutting outwards.

The last part was to terminate the stops with a carving gouge, and to round them off.

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