Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wood Magnet

The first step before joining a case is to smooth the inside surfaces. On this project, the sides are all pretty big, and I was in a hurry, so I opted to sand instead of plane them.

I've tried various sanding pads, designed to hold the work to a surface. I was using something like this, but once it started getting dusty, it stopped working. On a whim, I pulled out a chunk of leather that I've had for a while, and clamped it to the bench top, stretched out.

This is the best sanding pad I've ever used. I don't know or understand why leather holds as well as it does, but the Festool Rotex is a steam train of a 6" sander, that switches between rotary and random orbit modes, and the wood held to the bench just fine. Better than fine, actually... it felt like it was being held in place by a magnet. Very impressive...

Next, I need to mount some of this stuff to the inside surfaces of my pattern vise.

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