Thursday, September 12, 2013

First photos: Demo work

Part of my area in the new shop will occupy what used to be an office. So there was a wall that had to come down, and the drop ceiling had to come out. These photos don't have a lot of woodworking content, they're simply for posterity. At this point, the studs of that old wall are out, the carpet is out, and another wall has been erected that partly encloses the space. 

At the top of the photos you'll notice one of the nice upgrades I'll be enjoying in the new shop: Heat. I remember years ago, looking at a bottle of glue, reading the suggestion to use the glue at temperatures above 50 degrees, and wondering who on earth would be working in a shop that cold. That was before I settled into the shop in Lawrence.

Those photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. Today I started breaking things down in Lawrence. Tonight I brought the first load of tools into the new place. (My Festool stuff.) I'm excited. The space is small, but it's a chance to reinvent a few things, and manifest some of my ideas. Some of the thoughts I've had about what I'm going to do have been cool enough to keep me up at night.

A space this small has no room for extraneous nonsense or distractions. It's going to be a focused, purposeful space, and it's going to be really enjoyable to work in.

I can't wait.

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Scott B. Garrison said...

Work below 50? When I lived in Concord NH my wife and I had low paying jobs and the duplex we were renting had electric heat...we kept the heat at 50.

Been in Atlanta now since 99 (hope to get back to NH in 3 years though) and I have the opposite issue. I look forward to the shop being 50 or so in the winter so I can work hard with little sweat. Bought a mini crockpot to keep the glue warm but do have to worry about the wood sometimes.

last night was working in the shop and had AC set to 64 and was wishing it would go lower.

Good blog though