Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four Corners.

The space is cleared out, and it has a bench in it. The bench came from my home, where it wasn't being used. The space is going to be about 15.5' x 22', with a chunk missing from one corner.
From the back-right corner, by the office.

From the back, left corner, by the window. The stub wall that's sticking out will come down soon.

From the front, right corner, as seen through the entrance.

From the front, left corner, by the window.

I still need to figure out how I want to set up camera angles to show work in progress, so that I don't crowd those areas out with stuff. I did like to be able to take the shots from the pillar in Lawrence, because it was cool to see the shop evolve with time. It would be fun to do something similar here, but the walls are an impediment to some angles. I don't want to conform the shop to the photo needs of the blog, that would be silly. But over time, I will want to be able to show what I'm working on in a way that looks less awkward than these photos, both for blogging, and promotional purposes.

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