Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Basics

"Here we train hand mind and heart for the common good"
I wanted to put this photo up, because I think it's important to remember that manual training used to be considered a critical part of a child's education. The photo above is from the exterior of the Hardy Elementary School in Arlington, MA. Construction of the school started in 1925, and the school was considered very modern for its time. At this point, Sloyd training had been in use in the Boston area for just over 30 years, and there were a lot of other manual training programs being bounced around at the time.

While some of the others were instituted to make for more competent workers, or to help engineers with the ability to visualize things in a three dimensional way, the purpose of Sloyd, as it was presented by Gustaf Larsson was to develop the student as a whole. I'm starting to dig further into the whole manual training thing, but I've decided at this point that it's a massive rabbit hole on its own.

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Bfree said...

I am a Hardy School Alumni, class of 1972.
There were actually (2) corner stones, one read:
"Here we train hand, mind, and heart for the common good"
and the second read:
"To a child the deepest reverence is due"

These 2 quotes became building blocks of my childhood and remain with me to this day.

Sometimes the old ways are the better ways.